Why Us?

Most organizations consider “rate reduction” to be the only tool for controlling cost in a deregulated energy market. However, reducing the rate represents just one of many useful methods for creating opportunity in a deregulated environment. Rate reduction alone results in many stones left unturned and possibilities missed.

TEB conducts a purchasing method including multiple, vetted bidders, expert consulting, and renewable options to deliver the lowest possible energy spend. Increased budget certainty and simplicity of transaction are all reasons thousands of customers have chosen TEB. All necessary RFP's are conducted on your behalf.

  • Tariff Analysis of TDU

    Our energy consultants recommends the tariff rate that best fits your company's energy usage pattern, operational needs, and business objectives. In addition, we look for ways to control your costs by closely monitoring utility rate changes and any related impacts for your organization.

  • TDU Negotiations

    Some energy usage patterns provide companies with leverage to negotiate with the TDU for better contract conditions or rate structures. Texas Electric Broker has the expertise to not only identify these opportunities for your operations but also negotiate with the TDU on your behalf from an educated unbiased position.

  • Tax Exemptions

    Energy-related tax exemptions can bring significant savings for companies, but determining tax opportunities requires extensive knowledge of specific operational details. Our energy consultants immediately identify energy-related tax exemptions applicable to your operations.

  • Electric Bill Auditing

    TEB’s audits can ensure the accuracy of your energy bills through a full-bodied auditing process. If we discover a billing error, we will immediately resolve the issue on your behalf.

  • Budget Development

    By applying our market intelligence to your facilities historical usage data, our energy professionals can forecast TDU rates and energy costs for each of your facilities. Our customized and informed forecasts will lead your company to more savings which open more room for expansion.

We have the team, processes, and technology needed to save money and improve the bottom line for your company.

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