Our Process

At TexasElectricBroker, we offer Customized energy plans tailored to your large business. TexasElectricBroker reviews your past Historical Usage Data (HUD) to identify current energy purchasing options and issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) to purchase energy for the following three reasons:

Texas Electric Broker
  • 1 Allow top-rated suppliers to compete for your business.
  • 2 Conduct specific electric and peak power analysis, economic valuation, and site analysis.
  • 3 Locate opportunities to pair your purchase with others for greater savings.

After your company indicates a willingness to participate in an RFP, TexasElectricBroker sends the energy load to our shortlisted group of top-rated suppliers. We simplify the RFP process by making energy bids more price-competitive, accurate, and timely. In an industry where time can make or break a deal, the ease of TEB’s energy procurement process improves your company’s bottom line significantly.

Our energy consultants review all responses and recommend the best option for you based on key factors like pricing, contract terms, product structures, and credit conditions.

When working with TexasElectricBroker, you receive clear guidance, not just a list of confusing choices. When your company approves a recommendation, TEB handles all the transactions and processes to effectively complete each and every relevant energy agreement. Call today at 877-456-3637 or email us at sales@texaselectricbroker.com