6 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Commercial Electricity

All businesses require electricity, whether for general use such as lighting and computers, or for high-intensity equipment and machinery. Your commercial electricity rate might be higher without you knowing, especially if you don’t keep up to date with the facts about commercial electricity. If you haven’t considered your commercial electricity bill, then you might be on an uncompetitive rate. Businesses that run down their contracts without planning or arranging for a new one is liable for a significant increase in their electricity payments. Before spending on large commercial bills, you need to know the following facts.

What Costs Are Included on Your Commercial Electricity Bill 

Commercial electricity bills include different information. The information may range from your supply number, addresses to your bill cost before VAT, and other essentials. As a business owner, you might be most concerned about the total amount, but the most crucial costs to be aware of are the standing charge and unit cost. What makes these costs essential is that for these charges, there is no one-size-fits-all for the best commercial electricity rates. For example, some businesses may benefit from a fixed tariff with no standing charge. In contrast, others may be well suited for the variable commercial rate tariffs that include both the standing charge and the unit cost.

All businesses are different from the difference in size, location, working hours, and energy usage. But will still need to ensure that you’re not being overcharged on your commercial electricity bill.

Using Appliances Past Their Prime

Another thing you should know as a business owner is that using old appliances may be the reason why you’re paying more on your electric bill. The fact is that old appliances use more energy than the new energy-efficient models should push you to adopt the new models. For instance, that old desktop or microwave might fit in your retro designs, but they will drive your commercial electricity bill through the roof. To counter the rising electricity bill in your home, you need to upgrade your office appliances to new energy-efficient models. You can also get appliances that are modeled to fit your office design.

Electricals Must Be Maintained Every One to Two Years

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your electricals are regularly PST tested to guarantee their safety in operation. The PAT tests are used to assess an electrical appliance via visual inspections and electronic tests. The testing time varies considerably based on the industry. Equipment in schools should be tested every 12 months, while those in offices should be tested every four years. Commercial equipment should also be maintained regularly, which may include cleaning and replacing malfunctioning components. All the maintenance should be of high standards to guarantee the longevity of the equipment and maintain your commercial electricity bill to a manageable level.

54% of Electricity Is Wasted

As business owners, we are encouraged to try our best to make the most use of our energy. In offices when it comes to lighting, people make mistakes of using lights to affect the brightness of an entire office space, which may contribute to a high electricity bill. However, office lighting is efficient when used to provide light to specific areas of a commercial building directly. Additionally, ceiling fans only affect the temperature of the office space they are installed. So, it is not advisable to leave the ceiling on when nobody is in the office.

Research has shown that better lighting results in higher productivity in the workplace. Therefore, including energy-efficient lighting will allow your customers to see the products or enjoy the services. When you incorporate lighting that will help your new method work, you also need to ensure that this lighting does not affect your energy consumption. This statistic is alarming; thus, we have to do whatever we can to avoid wasting electricity. Using lighting only for specific areas in the office and turning off lights when not in use will save on money. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of as much natural lighting as possible.

Freedom of Choice 

As a commercial energy user, you should know that in states like Texas, the state vertically integrated public utilities to introduce retail competition in the state energy market. In Texas, the electric grid is wholly deregulated at the state level. This is an excellent opportunity for business owners as there’s no monopoly on commercial electricity rates, so businesses should shop around to find the lowest rate. In such deregulated utility markets as a business owner, you should know that there are professionals that can assist in getting the best deal for commercial electricity rates. These companies will compare the utility providers with your demand to recommend the best package for your company. 

LED Bulbs Use 80% Less Electricity

Only 10% of the electrical energy used by the conventional light bulb gets converted to light, while the remaining 90 percent will be wasted through heat. As a business owner, you should opt for LED alternatives. The LED bulbs have a myriad of benefits as they use up to five times less energy compared to the conventional bulbs. They also last up to 25 times longer and cost far much less. In case of a thermal shock, the LED bulb does not shatter to pieces without warning. The LED lamp cannot be severely damaged to the extent of bursting like the CFL or the incandescent bulb.

Contact lighting professionals to assist in selecting the best-LED lighting for your office and start saving energy and money through the purchase of LED light strips. No matter the type of lamp your office uses, it will cost you money and energy. Eliminating the intensive energy lamps will be a step forward to reducing your commercial electricity bill.

Before reducing the commercial electricity bill, you first need to understand where they are coming from. Always break down your electricity bill to identify the largest consumer. Then after that, look for ways to decrease the spike in electricity use via a combination of more efficient usage approaches throughout the day. When buying appliances, you should look for the energy-efficient ones, which might be expensive to buy, but will eventually repay your investment.

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