5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Commercial Energy Supplier

Unless you provide your own power, you can agree that paying a monthly electricity bill is just one of those business costs that can’t be avoided. But sometimes you need to evaluate your commercial electricity rates to ensure you’re paying for what your business consumes and that you’re comfortable with what you’re getting. In many cases, companies deal with discrepancies or get overcharged without even noticing. So, you must be vigilant and monitor your monthly bills and make sure your business energy rates are manageable. And if you realize you have more questions than answers, perhaps it’s time to consider switching your commercial energy supplier. If you’re wondering why, here are some reasons why you should swap your energy provider.

1. You’re On a Variable Rate Plan

While variable-rate plans can be best when market rates are low, sometimes it feels like gambling. Since you rely on unpredictable factors to determine your bill prices. Meaning your commercial energy rates depends on market fluctuations. So, your electricity charges will depend on how factors such as demand, temperature, supply, or weather conditions influence the market value.

You should note that most of the mentioned factors are natural occurrences. Unless you’re in a mild climate where these changes are not common, you should consider changing your plan. Because if you’re not in a conducive environment, then it can be hard to make a budget and stick with it. High seasons like winter and summer can extremely affect your business electricity prices, making it hard for your budget. So, opting for a fixed-rate plan can be a better option because you’ll not have to worry about fluctuations in the market. 

2. You’re Dealing With Hidden Fees and Unwelcome Surprises

One of the critical characteristics of an authentic commercial energy supplier is transparency. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes your bill can contain information you can’t interpret. And you may be paying for additional hidden fees or any other unwelcome surprises that were not in the initial agreement. Or whatever you read at your provider’s website varies with what’s in the bill.

You have a right to understand the amount you’re being charged for your energy. Such pop-ups may be hard to deal with because they affect your budget and the overall planning of your business. Similarly, it can be hard to trust such a supplier. To avoid these stresses, consider switching suppliers who are reputable and transparent with their services. 

3. Your Service Is Unreliable

On the other hand, excellent customer service is vital. As a business owner, you already have enough worries about your business to ensure it runs smoothly. Dealing with unreliable electricity suppliers is not one of the concerns, and it shouldn’t be. For your business to run as intended and achieve its goal, you need to source services from reliable supplies that you can always count on.

A reliable electricity supplier should be licensed and provide quality and maintenance services to clients. But if your business electricity rates keep fluctuating without notice, then it can be hard to rely on such services. Similarly, your supplier’s services should reflect what is in their policies as well as rates. Meaning your electricity supplier should offer what they promise. Moreover, if commercial energy prices have decreased and you’re still paying as per the old charges, perhaps it’s time you considered switching your electricity supplier for better services. 

4. Prices Have Gone Up Unreasonably

Usually, electricity prices change more often. Suppliers have to adjust the commercial energy rates to reflect these changes and remain relevant in the market. This can be tricky for your business, especially if your electricity supplier exaggerates their prices. Or if your supplier keeps on increasing rates, then it can be tough for your business to put up with irregular prices. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas-ERCOT indicates that there may be an electricity crisis that is bound to affect companies in Texas this year.

It also states that customers may experience higher business energy prices because the electrical grid of the state is pressed during the summer periods. The prices are expected to shoot as a result of increased demand during the hot season, closure of key coal power plants, as well as delayed power programs in the area. So, if you’re on a variable electricity plan, the best thing to do is to quickly swap to an alternative plan to stay safe with the market fluctuations. With a fixed electricity plan, you can go about your business without worrying about anything. Changing your supplier at this time can be the best strategy to save some money.

5. Their Customer Service Is Lousy

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. A reputable electricity supplier should provide the best services to satisfy customers. Since you’re paying for the services, you should expect stellar customer services and support from your electricity supplier. If your current suppliers take ages before addressing issues raised or solving a problem, then it’s not worth your commitment. Also, if their maintenance services are pathetic, it can be hard to run your daily operations smoothly.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a supplier that helps you operate with minimal problems. A reputable supplier should also inform you of any due changes before they can implement them. If they can’t reach up to the standard, you can consider finding better services. The 2002 market deregulation allows most people in Texas to choose their electricity supplier, so you can research and find the best company with reasonable terms and conditions as well as electricity plans. Also, consider searching for the history of a particular supplier before you can enter into a contract with them.
It feels good to have electricity that you can rely on. Dealing with troublesome electric suppliers can sometimes be daunting. But again, you don’t have to put up with electricity suppliers who negatively affect your business. If you notice the signs as mentioned above with your current supplier, then it’s time to consider finding a better supplier who can provide reasonable commercial electricity prices to improve your experience.

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